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—B. Laurie 

Hi! Welcome welcome. My name is Bianca but most know me as Be Laurie on the interwebs. 

 In a nutshell I'm very passionate about technology and it's impact on society and communities.  From the way products are designed to the people that fund them. I'm an advocate for actions and practices that enable more equity in the technology ecosystem and enable underrepresented communities as founders, investors and technologist in the community . Day to day I'm the founder of The CE Suite. I also host many events around my passion of connecting folks to drive impact.

You can see more of my work here, be in the loop on my future events here, connect about services here or pick my brain here. Either way hope to connect with you and glad you came to the page!

I'm most often sharing my two cents on Twitter and you can often connect there.


PAsT Co's

I've had an opportunity to work at some stellar companies across industries. My work has touched a variety of industries that include consumer technology, nonprofits, venture capital and government.

  • Startup America Partnership: An organization focused on helping young companies grow in order to create jobs in America. 
  • LinkedIn: A social network focused on connecting you to opportunity and enabling you to tap into your professional potential.
  • CODE2040: CODE2040 creates access, awareness, and opportunities for top Black and Latino/a engineering talent to ensure their leadership in tech.
  • Andreessen Horowitz | A venture capital firm focused on software and Internet investments.
  • Pinterest | A visual bookmarking tool for saving and discovering creative ideas.

Speaking + Hosting


 Over the past couple of years I've been able to experience and contribute to the tech industry in a variety of forms. You can often hear my perspectives around:

  • Cultural awareness in product development.
  • Making the tech community more inclusive.
  • Engaging with marginalized communities around technology.
  • Building inclusive company culture.
  • Social Justice x Technology
    • Identifying notes of technological impact on communities and culture.
  • Startups + Entrepreneurship


  • Mission Bit | Demo Day - Keynote Speaker

  • Spotify | HBCU Tech Summit - Host [video]
  •  Tech Inclusion SF 2016 - Moderator [videoWhat Accelerators Are Learning Funding Diverse Founders Panel

Media + Press

  • Think there aren't qualified women in tech? Here are 1,000 names. No more excuses., MIC (2017)
  • From Haitian Roots to a Silicon Valley Address: How Bianca St.Louis Is Building Her Rep & a Career in Tech, Hunter Walk (2016)
  • The Isolation of Being Black in Tech, The Ringer (2016)
  • Why I Used A Brown Hand For The “Add To Slack” Button, Fast Company (2015)


A community catalyst and connector Bianca (B. Laurie) helps industry executives, innovators and technologists manage their impact with intention. Her work has touched a variety of industries such as -  consumer technology, nonprofits, venture capital and government. She's the Founder of The CE Suite - a boutique consulting firm and community resource hub. She is the creator & producer behind initiatives like SourceRoad Summit, TechKickback, and Celebrating Excellence: Black Women in Tech Series. She also served as a co-producer for the OpenHouse Summit. She also is Venture Fellow with BetaWorks - a venture firm investing at the intersection of media and technology. 

She’s worked alongside talented leaders and innovators at companies like Pinterest, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), CODE2040, LinkedIn, Startup America and The White House: Office of Presidential Correspondence. She’s worked with partners like Spotify, The Knight Foundation and GitHub on their community engagement efforts. Her work has driven growth, brand equity and transformed social capital.

Bianca believes that technology can serve as a tool to propel creativity and impact. She is an advocate around practices that promote empowered leadership from all within the innovation ecosystem through diversity and inclusion. She often provides thought leadership on topics related to technology, product strategy and culture on Twitter at @belaurie.