About - B. Laurie

Yes, my last name is really St.Louis.

I'm originally from New York but i'm currently living in the Bay Area. I'm Haitian-American and an HBCU Grad. To date most of my professional work has been focused around relationship management, diversity in technology and cultivating successful communities/networks.  My passion is in cultivating networks, opportunity and community for people to feel empowered and positioned to succeed.

Where have you worked?

I've gotten to work with some awesome folks at Startup America, The White House: Office of Presidential Correspondence, LinkedIn and CODE2040. I've also gotten a chance to support great initiatives like this and support awesome things like this (PocketAdvocate was my app concept).

At the moment I'm working with some splendid folks at Andreessen Horowitz on a few projects. I do take on some consulting projects so ping me if you think I can be helpful.

What are you good at?

As an "ENTJ" I love people (they're awesome). I'm great at relationship building. I like to synthesize data and leverage those insights to strategize opportunities. I'm great at stakeholder management, business development and partnerships. Love to research and discover trends and insights. I'm a systems and process junkie so I'm always assessing ways to make things more efficient.

What are you interested in? 

I'm interested in topics related to culture, economics and technology. I'm super passionate about social justice particularly issues that touch on income inequality and how it impacts underrepresented minority groups. 

I'm also interested in ways we can leverage technology to tackle many issues around social justice. Software is impacting every industry under the sun and I think it's imperative to leverage this vehicle as a means to deliver major change and impact.

As a first generation college grad who's in A LOT of student loan debt* - I'm a loud advocate of financial literacy and access.

Anything Else? 

I'm always seeking to learn/immerse myself more about venture capital, business development, partnerships and business operations so feel free to send any cool content/opportunities my way. Additionally I'm a junkie for data around diversity, income and access so feel free to send those things my way.

According to my friends I know "everybody" but I'd say that's driven by my passion of impact. 

Impact - “the effect or influence of one person, thing, or action, on another” 

I believe that we must make the most of every interaction with those we meet. I try my best to invest in my relationships and keep up with folks in my networks so I'm known to be "great at networking".

Always happy to be helpful so feel free to ping me on the internets (@BeLaurie)

[*any and all donations to the get bianca out of student loan debt fund are always appreciated :)]