Corporate Pack - Ask Me Anything! - AMA (5)

Corporate Pack - Ask Me Anything! - AMA (5)

from 1,750.00

....Well not really but you get my point. 

This package is designed with larger organizations in mind. Please note that in person options are available in NY, LA and SF at the moment. 

CORP EXP - I'll help you and your team curate more of an experience around the service. We'll collaborate on format, messaging and language authentic to how you already run your organization.

If interested in serving more than 5 individuals please send a note using our contact form - HERE.


I often get requests to pick my brain on a variety of topics ranging from:

Company Culture

Diversity & Inclusion

Entrepreneurship and Product Strategy

Professional Development

I've created a space for conversation and dialogue. 

Please do not hit my line if you...

...want a quick intro to someone I know

...are doing something illegal

that is not my ministry.

This might be best for you if you need a quick sounding board or just want a person to bring an alternate perspective. I understand the worlds of founders, executives, engineers, creatives, venture capitalists, hr leaders and bring that context and perspective to conversations. My experiences in tech have enabled me to see a lot and solve a variety of problems creatively.

Some folks in my network say I operate like a producer. Creative + Tactical. I like to think of my approach as augmenting your excellence. The ability to help you set a direction and foundation while also enabling you to cast a wide net on your vision.


Complete Purchase & Form

Submit the participants for the AMA (I will provide a special link for them to schedule time to connect)

If you select the experience I'll follow up with you (or a member of your team) to coordinate.

** Due to the nature of this product the service is non-refundable **


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